Michael Kouvalis - Wedding Photography Santorini, Greece

About Me

Since I was very young I would often hear the phrase “a picture is worth 1,000 words”. Growing up, as I stood admiring many photographs, I began realizing how truly meaningful that phrase really is. From this point, photography became my major interest.

I started as an amateur photographer, mainly capturing “moments” from everyday life in Greece. The subjects I found most intriguing were “Greek Nature” and foremost, capturing people through movement and their daily habits. My experiments in amateur photography assisted in growing my appreciation of the artistic elements of photography and my hobby soon became my passion. I quickly realized that this would be the field of my pursuits as a career and I began my professional development and studies. I completed my degree in the Fine Arts Photography program at Middlesex University in the U.K. and later returned to the place that originally sparked my interest in photography, my hometown, the magical island of Santorini.

Further developing my interest in capturing moments from people’s lives, I began to focus on the joyful and cheerful ones. I am particularly interested in weddings as they document the happiest moments of a couples start in life together. Through my photography such moments bring back to life unforgettable memories and emotions from that day. I enjoy how every photograph is unique and offers a new experience while every collaboration offers me a new challenge.